• Fit Tip Friday: What not to do when losing weight

    When tempted to lose weight we start researching the internet and social media for the best methods to help with the journey.  However, we tend to find that everything we read on the internet or see on social media is not the best methods to help with the journey.  Below is a list of some “ideas” to avoid when starting a weight loss journey.

    1. Yo-Yo Dieting
    2. Crash Dieting
    3. Skipping Meals
    4. Skipping Calories- skipping calories only leads to starvation and your body will
    5. Plastic suits and wraps- want to lose excess water, sure they work, but over all, your body will just add the water weight right back on.
    6. Practice unsafe supplements- chances are if something sounds too good to be true, it is.  Check the FDA or federally approved supplements before trying something.
    7. Purge- forcing yourself to vomit, laxatives, excessive exercise- can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, low blood sugar, injuries and event GI issues.
    8. Eliminate an entire food group- can lead to missing required nutrients in your diet.
    9. Do cardio for eating extra calories-
    10. Eating quickly- let your food digest, enjoy it, taste it.
    11. Labeling foods “good” and “bad”- we went to mislabel a food based on what society tell us.  Do your research.  The minute we start labeling a food, we tent to crave it/want it more.

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