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    With Spring comes an increase in activity and increasing in reported injuries.  To help you decrease your chances of a spring time injury your fitness team at Avenue compiled a list of things to do.

    1- Get a Physical! – only about 20% of Americans get routine physicals.  Even though you may look and feel good, your body may be hiding risk factors for things like Congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes or even more potentially life threatening ailments.

    2-Set a Schedule!- create a plan, post your plan, follow your plan!  Once you create your plan put it up in places that are in your face: above your desk, in your locker, on your fridge, over your coffee pot, on your bathroom mirror, set reminders on your phone.  Think of places that you always look.

    3-Team Up- rather it be a group fitness class or finding a workout buddy.  Team Up for the motivational factors if anything.  Many times having a workout buddy or attending a group fitness class you find it motivation to push yourself harder, stay longer, achieve a goal.

    4- Throw out your old running shoes-  it is suggested that we splurge and buy new running shoes based on your activity level.  If you are just getting active again after a  year long hiatus it is a good idea to spoil yourself with a new pair of running shoes.  Over time the cushioning in tennis shoes breaks down replacing that old pair with new ones is not only aesthetically pleasing it is pleasing to your joints.

    5- Clean out the Pantry- Take control of your life!  Go to the pantry, do an overhaul, donate all those unopened bags of chips to the closest homeless shelter, throw away the half eaten box of chocolate chip cookies.  Start fresh TODAY, not tomorrow!  Your mind is positive, keep it that way by removing any possible negative indulgences.

    6- SUNSCREEN!!!!-  Protect your skin! Keep it healthy from the sun while you are doing all of the fun outdoor activities you have planned!

    7- Amp up your playlist!-  Go back to the 80s and download all your favorite dancing hits.  Download songs that make you happy and upbeat!

    8- Find Outside Motivation- We all have something that triggers us to be more motivated. Use it to your benefit.  Want a new pair of ultra expensive skinny jeans?  Use those as your motivation to achieve your spring time goal!

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