• Healthy Habits : Summer Kid FIT

    Summer Kid FIT

    This summer we are excited to share Kid FIT with our members!

    Kid FIT will help your children learn how to incorporate healthy habits and exercise into their daily activities.

    Adventure to Fitness : Ages 5-9

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    This interactive workout will take your children on an adventure all over the world. Learn more about this great program here.

    Kid FIT: Ages 9-14

    Summer KidFit

    Fitness routines designed to motivate and teach proper form will keep your kids moving! A mix of equipment and moves makes this a great workout for any fitness level.

  • Posted by Marina Goldshmidt on November 10, 2015 at 3:23 am

    For my daughter- 8 yrs old. Competitive gymnast USAG LEVEL 3. Has gained lots of weight in past 2 years. In the gym 13.5 hrs per week plus 1 hr of dance while still gaining weight . Very recent severe toe injury – almost severed – stitched on. Stitches due to come off in 9 days. I’m interested in activities that will build indurance not just strength and coordination. Do you have anything that can address my concerns which gymnastics has not?


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