• Mad Fitness Monday: Fun with Barbells- Squats & Press Variations


    Squat Press Variation #1


    img_20161228_134741Normally you when performing this exercise you would perform the Olympic Weight Lifting version.  However, this variation is easier to perform and easier on the joints.

    A couple of things to keep in mind when performing this exercise:
    -Remember to maintain the ready position
    -Breath on the push
    -Be sure that the bar is secure for this exercise.

    1. 1. Start in the ready position, and the barbell extended out front of you.
      2. Slowly bring the bar to your chest and perform a squat.  Keeping your chest lifted, core tight, shoulders pinched and depressed.
      3.  Upon completing the down portion of the squat begin a slow return to the starting position.  Once returned to the starting position perform a frontal press.Compound exercises are all around universally good exercises if you short on time, want to burn more calories or just want to challenge yourself.  Be sure to check out Friday’s blog for reasoning behind performing compound exercises.


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