• Wellness Wednesday: Benefits of Lemon Water









    The Benefits of Lemon Water:
    1. Digestion and Detoxification- Lemon tricks the liver into producing bile which in turn keeps food moving through the body.  This is something that can be beneficial as we get older; our body’s slow production of bile, a lemon a day can keep digestion moving.

    2. Prevents Oxidation- Lemons contain phytonutrients which protect your body against disease.  Oxidation in the human body leads to damage to cell membranes, protein structures, lipids and DNA.

    3. Vitamin C- By adding a half of a lemon a day to your water you gain one-sixth of the daily requirement dose of Vitamin C.

    4. Potassium Boost- Potassium is necessary for nerve-muscle communication, transportation of nutrients and waste, and has been known to counter the effects of salt on blood pressure.

    5. Helps Shed the Pounds- Pectin, found in many fruits and vegetables has been linked to the feeling of fullness after eating.  Think similar to the effects that fiber has on the body.

    6. Skin Rejuvenating- Lemons are full of antioxidants which aid in repairing damaged skin caused by free radicals and help aid in collagen production.


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