• Wellness Wednesday: Holiday Overload






    During the holidays we tend to bank calories where we can so we can splurge on Grandma’s cookies or treats.  Which in the long run can cause us to eat more calories than we intended and leading to a greater caloric intake.  A greater caloric intake than expenditure can lead to an end result of that holiday weight gain that we’ll spend the next couple months attempting to take off in packed post-New Year gym.

    Keep this in mind:
    Greater Caloric Intake than Expenditure = Weight Gain
    Greater Caloric Expenditure = Weight Loss

    When thinking about indulging in those holiday treats it is best to:
    Take smaller bites
    Burn off those extra bites right away
    Minimize your alcohol intake
    Think smarter, healthier options during the day
    Try to not indulge throughout the day (snacking, picking, etc)
    Go for the healthier options if you are going to splurge

    Try Workouts that:
    Challenge your heart rate: interval training, tabata training, high intensity interval training, cycling class
    Include compound movements
    Full body workouts
    Take a class: classes can burn 300-600 classes depending on intensity and duration

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