• Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Coaching 101




    Over the last decade the health, wellness and fitness industry has seen an increase in wellness coaches.  The main question that should be asked is how qualified are these wellness coaches.  Since 2000, there has been an estimated 17,000 proclaimed wellness coaches pop up on the scene.  One would think this number would be higher given the facts that there has been an increase in overall fitness levels among the general population. But, what is shocking about this number is that many of these proclaimed wellness coaches do not have the proper education to back their “knowledge.”

    Purpose of a wellness coach?
    Wellness coaches are here to help with lifestyle change; create a fitness regiment, guidance during the new journey.  Wellness coaches when educated properly are individuals who know that a quick fix does not last, know that hard work and determination pay off.  They have the education to back their beliefs and know how to properly use their principles to help guide their clients to a long term answer.

    Knowing the facts about your coach
    Many proclaimed wellness coaches have zero education to back the knowledge they are pushing onto a client.  Ask the questions.
    – Ask where they went to school
    – Why they believe in their methods
    – What makes them want to do their job
    – How long have they been in the business
    – What is the key to their success with clients

    Know the warning signs of an uneducated wellness coach
    We have the rights to ask questions regarding education, certification and licensing regarding the professionals that are trying to help us better our lives.  Just like you would want your physician educated and licensed to practice you would want the same for your wellness coach.  Currently most wellness coaches have some form of college degree behind them, but not many specialize in wellness coaching.  And currently there are no set standards as to what qualifies someone as a wellness coach but many programs are out there certifying individuals to become one.

    Currently, the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches has approved 53 programs in which experienced wellness coaches teach basic programming, motivational techniques and behavioral change.  Graduates of one of the approved programs will be eligible to take the national health and wellness coaching exam when it is released this September.

    Game Changing
    Wellness Coaching is not to be seen as a way to remove or decrease participation in personal training, group fitness or nutritional counseling but as a well to bring all factors together and work jointly.


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